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Gear Pumps Overview

Gear pumps have certain distinct properties, as independent specialists, we offer an extensive gear pump range including internal and external gear pumps from manufacturers such as Victor and Haight

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Gear Pump - External:

Gear pump models of this type are well established and still the most widely manufactured version. As the two equally sized gears roll out of mesh, a partial vacuum is generated causing fluid to enter. Then as the elements rotate, the fluid becomes trapped and is carried around to the discharge side of the pump. Here the re-meshing elements displace the fluid thus producing a continuous pumping action. Although in principle each gear tooth generates a pulse, in practice the relatively high number of teeth, running speed etc makes the pumps flow pulse free. These inherent principles give this pump many useful characteristics:

Gear Pump - Internal:

Gear pump designs using external gears have been around almost since the beginnings of industry. However the internal gear, crescent pump or 'gear within a gear' design is less than a hundred years old. The design is still of positive displacement, where by a volume is swept by the meshing action of rotary gears, however using one gear within an other gives some distinct characteristics compared to the external gear design: