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Victor Gear Pumps

«R» Series Internal Gear Pumps

«R» Series Internal Gear Pumps


The «R» Pumps are used for liquids of any viscosity as solvents, chocolate or bitumen. The liquid may be lubricating or non-lubricating and may contain abrasive particles as color pigments. «R» pumps can be used best in one or more of the following circumstances:

«R» Pumps are used in several industries like: petrochemical, paint and resin, soap and detergent, food, chocolate and paper.


«R» series pumps are positive displacement, rotary, internal gear. The capacity is directly proportional to the rotation speed and almost independent of the pressure. The flow is smooth and non-pulsating in either directions.

Depending on the application, the pump will be supplied with a packed gland or a mechanical seal mounted single, single with quench, double in tandem, double back-to-back or with a magnetic coupling. The «R» Pumps are manufactured in cast iron or stainless steel. Special materials or material combinations can be used when necessary. The Pumps can be equipped with heating jackets and/or by-pass (relief valve).